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Lipstick Ingredients & Tools Pack 護唇口紅材料工具包

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材料工具包   Lipstick Ingredients & Tools Pack

** Without Hotplate / Cooker / Burner

** Only 10 Lipstick containers    

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口紅工具材料包 Lipstick Making Ingredients & Tools
DIY Lipstick Aluminium Mold
DIY 自制口红模具 铝 高光金属 12.1MM鸟嘴 2孔玫瑰金【一模两用】
Silicone Lipstick Mold 12.1mm
口红硅胶模具12.1mm 内徑
Lipstick Small Spoon 3 pieces 口红粉分装勺三支装
Beakers 燒杯, 25ml & 150ml
Wheatgerm Oil  小麥胚芽油
Golden Jojoba Oil  荷荷芭油
Cosmetic Grade Sweet Almond Oil 粧品級甜杏仁油
Cosmetic Grade Shea Butter 乳油木果脂 (保養品專用)
Vitamin E Oil  維他命E 油
White Beewax (Germany)  白密蠟  
China Osmanthus Wax  中國廣西桂花蠟
Essential Oil, Rose Geranium 芳療級玫瑰天竺葵精油
Do not sell individually 不單獨銷售
Lip safe color powder (US) 美国进口天然礦植物口红粉
3g each x 14 colors + 1 Matte powder

FREE: 5ml Henna acid

Solid Color,

Mica Powder,

Titanium Dioxide,
Lipstick Tube 5g 口红空管 (口徑12.1mm)
10 pcs

** Colors as follow : 9 Suncroma solid color, 4 Bramble berry mica powder, 1 Food grade titanium dioxide, 1 Matte velvet powder

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