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Shipping Info

  1. Customers will receive their parcel within 7 working days (within Malaysia via Easyparcel courier companies).
  2. The parcel will be shipped out based on different category as below once the payment has been received since all products are Order to Make due to Handmade and without preservative, not all products with ready stock.
    • For ready stock items, will be shipped out within 48 hours excluding Saturday/Sunday/Public Holiday. 
    • For handmade soap order, order is by kg and only can be shipped out after 2 months from the production date due to Handmade soap required more time to ensure fully dry.
    • For skincare products, will be shipped out within 5 working days
  3. From Monday to Friday, the parcel will be shipped on the same day if the payment was cleared by 12 noon (Only applicable for ready stock).
  4. Orders will not be shipped on weekends and public holidays. For orders and payments that are made on Friday after 12 noon, shipping will be on next Monday or working day (Only applicable for ready stock).
  5. Once the order has been shipped, we will send you an email with the delivery and tracking information.
  6. There will be delay in parcel shipment during MCO/CMCO due to Covid-19 Pandemic.


  1. 客戶將在7個工作日內收到包裹 (只限於馬來西亞內, 通過 Easyparcel 裡的 Courier 公司)

  2. 一旦收到付款,包裹將按照以下不同的類別發貨,由於所有產品都是純手工製造而沒有添加防腐劑,並非所有的貨都有現成品.
    • 現貨供應,將在48小時內發貨 (除了星期六/星期日/假日). 
    • 手工皂訂單,以每公斤訂製,只能從生產日期2個月後寄出,由於手工皂需要更多的時間來確保完全皂化以及水份完全揮發, 穩定性也是關鍵.
    • 天然手作護膚保養化妝品,將在5個工作日內發貨
  3. 從星期一到星期五,如果付款在中午12點之前結清,包裹將在同一天發貨 (只限於現貨).
  4. 訂單不會在周末和公眾假期發貨。星期五中午12點以後的訂單和付款,將在下週一或工作日發貨 (只限於現貨).
  5. 一旦訂單已經發貨,我們將向您發送一封郵件,其中包含送貨和追踪信息.
  6. 在Covid-19 疫情期間, 所有包裹都會有可能被延遲發貨