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FREE 50% Up-Size when purchase of our Blended Massage Oil

When you purchase 10ml/30ml selective massage oil, you will get additional 5ml/15ml; Choice from below,

a) Great Relaxing Rest 舒筋安眠大放鬆
b) BE Healthy 護肺寶典
c) Deep Sleep 舒心舒眠
d) Haze Cannon 煙霾寶典 
e) Clear Mind (Stay Focus) 提神醒腦
f) SleepRIA 促眠寶
g) Muscle Master 舒筋消瘀退腫
h) Lymphatic Drainage 淋巴排毒
i) Hand Dermatitis Care 富貴手療愈油
j) Love Your Stomach 養胃保健

1) Only selected 3% Blended Massage Oil eligible for this promotion and subject to Online Ordering only
2) This is blend to order, no ready stock (3 working days to arrange delivery)
3) No refund is allowed for Customized product

(Promotion period for Year-End Sale:  01/11-31/12/2020)

Grab the FREE "Angpow Packet" for any of your purchase order value as below

RM   18.00 - RM 188.00 --- 2 packs
RM 189.01 - RM 388.00 --- 3 packs
RM 389.01 - RM 688.00 --- 6 packs
RM 689.01 - RM 888.00 --- 8 packs
RM 889.01 and above --- 10 packs

T&C: While stock last, only 150 packs to be given out
(Promotion period: 01/11/2018-31/01/2019)

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