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Soft Foaming Agent 超溫和起泡劑 (寶寶也可以用), 100ml

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超溫和起泡劑 (寶寶也可以用) - 柔膚, 經由玉米、小麥、馬鈴薯等天然植物萃取,葡萄糖來源之清潔成分,是極為溫和及穩定的活性劑泡沫。對肌膚之刺激性較低。本身 pH 較高約11調整至7時透明度較好, 溫度以25~40℃較佳,有優良之耐鹼性 適合製作潔顏、卸妝、洗髮精、沐浴乳等適合各種膚質顏色




Soft Foaming Agent - Extracted from natural plants such as corn, wheat, potatoes, and the source of glucose, this product is a very mild and stable active agent foam. It does not create irritation effect to the skin. the pH higher at about 11 to 7 when the transparency is better, keep the temperature to 25 ~ 40 ℃ will be better, with excellent alkali resistance for the production of cleansing, makeup remover, shampoo, shower gel, etc. 

Suitable for a variety of skin type. Apply to sensitive skin or baby skin, strong moisturizing after wash, and do not let the skin left at dry impact

Foreign certification body: This product is certified under EU "ECO" body

※ ECOCERT (ECO) EU Organic Certification Organization

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