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99.9% Ethanol Alcohol 無水酒精

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無水酒精(Anhydrous Alcohol)、絕對酒精(Absolute Alcohol)

含99.9% 的乙醇水溶液叫無水酒精;100%乙醇叫做絕對酒精。普通酒精含乙醇95.57%(質量)和水4.43%


  1. 含水量 0.1% 以下純度 99.9% 以上
  2. 揮發性強 有效消除指印 
  3. 擦拭後增加金屬光亮度及潔淨度
  4. 擦拭灰塵, 髒汙效果佳
  5. 可擦除膠帶或貼紙遺留下的黏著物

品級:醫藥級(BP/GP) -  禁止用於食品/醫療用需要稀釋




  • 香水 - 先稀釋至85-100%,再加精油
  • 酒精搓手液 - 60-78%
  • 消毒噴霧 - 70-95%
  • 產品抗菌 - 30%以上
  • 溶劑 - 視乎物料而定


An aqueous solution containing 99.9% ethanol is called absolute alcohol; 100% ethanol is called absolute alcohol. Ordinary alcohol contains 95.57% (mass) of ethanol and 4.43% of water.

Ethanol with a purity of 99.9%, which is purified from sugar cane after fermentation, is a natural antibacterial agent and solvent. It is suitable for disinfecting the skin surface, or added to skin care products to prevent the growth of bacteria with proper usage guidance. It can also help dissolve oily ingredients. It can be mixed with water, or used to remove oil on the skin surface and age the cuticle

Characteristics & Usage,
1. Water content below 0.1%, purity above 99.9%
2. Strong volatility, effectively eliminates fingerprints
3. Increase metal brightness and cleanliness after wiping
4. Wipe dust, good dirt effect
5. Removable sticky tape or stickers

Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade (BP / GP)-Prohibited for food / medical use requiring dilution

Suitable for making: toner, perfume, diffuser bottle, or add wax to make squeeze candles.

Basic usage: It can be directly added to the water-phase materials, or oily materials such as essential oils are dissolved in ethanol before mixing with other materials.

Recommended concentration:
Perfume-Dilute to 85-100% before adding essential oils
Alcoholic hand rub-60-78%
Disinfection spray-70-95%
Product antibacterial-over 30%
Solvent-depending on material

Please refer to the picture for the dilution method. For more information about alcohol, please contact the owner to register for advanced courses.

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