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Acid Amino Foaming Agent 胺基酸起泡劑

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胺基酸起泡劑 (鉀型) - 

椰油醯甘氨酸鉀 Potassium Cocoyl Glycinate(30%) and Aqua(70%).

是陰離子界面活性劑,是用蔗糖提煉而成的天然植物起泡劑,是最溫和的起泡劑,不刺激肌膚,洗感柔潤不緊蹦。泡沫綿密,潔淨力良好,適合各種膚質,胺基酸起泡劑 是幫助油與水結合的橋樑,藉由水沖洗達到去油汙等清潔效果。其弱酸性與肌膚相近,性質溫和天然,無刺激性不過敏,可以產生平滑而富有彈力的泡沫,使用時感覺爽滑舒適,用後不繃緊。可製作各種潔面液,洗髮露和沐浴露。

產地: 韓國 / 日本



慕斯瓶 --- 1只

胺基酸起泡劑  --- 30ML
甘油                --- 10ML
純水 / 純露      --- 60ML
抗菌劑            --- 0.5ML



氨基酸起泡劑 是陰離子界面活性劑,是用蔗糖提煉而成的天然植物起泡劑,是最溫和的起泡劑,不刺激肌膚,洗感柔潤不緊蹦。泡沫綿密,潔淨力良好,適合各種膚質。可製作各種潔面液,洗髮露和沐浴露。建議用量:20-30%

弱酸性起泡劑 接近肌膚 PH 值(PH<7),溫和不刺激肌膚,適合中油性肌膚,潔淨力良好,去油力強。可製作各種潔面液,洗髮露和沐浴露。建議用量:20-40%

椰子油起泡劑 是兩性界面活性劑,可單獨溶解於水中,泡沫多而潔淨力強,適合油性肌膚但不適合敏感性肌膚。與其他起泡劑混合使用效果更佳。可製作各種潔面液,洗髮露、沐浴露、洗手液,也可用作清洗蔬果碗碟。建議用量:20-30%

橄欖油起泡劑 是以橄欖油製成的界面活性劑,潔淨力較溫和,清洗後不緊繃,滋潤度高。建議用量:10-20%

INCI: Potassium Cocoyl Glycinate

Potassium Cocoyl Glycinate (30%) and Aqua (70%). Amilite® GCK-12K by Ajinomoto acts as an anionic surfactant and foaming agent. Produces creamy, rich and resilient foam. It is a very mild, highly biodegradable and hypoallergenic grade. It is derived from glycine rich in human collagen and natural fatty acids. It yields a higher quality of elasticity as well as volume of foam. It leaves a fresh feel on the skin without taut. Offers skin and hair moisturizing. Amilite® GCK-12K is used in shampoos, skin creams, soap bars, body washes and facial cleansing foams. Provides an excellent solution for sulfate-free product applications.


Foaming Agent/Foamer

Skin Cleanser


Dosage Use: 5% - 25%

Origin: Japan

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