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Blend Essential Oils for Soap Making 皂用複方精油

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皂用複方精油 - 不適用於保養品 

保存方法: 避免陽光照射及放置高溫處
注意事項: 使用後,如有皮膚不適現象,請停止使用並諮詢手作館的導師或芳療師. 本產品為外用, 請勿內服
用量比例: 皂用 LIGHT T 時添加 1-10%

Blend Essential Oils for Soap Making (Not for Skincare)

Storage Cautions: Keep your essential oils out of direct sunlight and out of extreme heat and cold
Usage Instructions: Essential oils are highly concentrated and can be toxic if undiluted, should generally be diluted in a base oil before using it. Never drink or add essential oils to your food without special instructions. Essential oils are meant to be used only externally.
Suggestion Usage: Soap Making Use, 1-10% Upon Light Trace

Formulas, Uses & Benefits
1) Rose Lady 玫瑰女人香
> 玫瑰草  Palmarosa
> 大馬士革玫瑰 Rose
> 玫瑰天竺葵 Rose Geranium
> 桂花 Osmanthus
Smell of rose, interspersed with the sweetness of grass, bring out the scent of the gentleness of women
Rose Geranium: Balances sebum secretion, cleans oily skin, pore-minimizing
Palmarosa: suitable for oil-deficient skin, acne-prone skin, balance the sebum secretion and re-form the natural water-repellent film on the skin surface

悠悠的玫瑰味道, 穿插了玫瑰草的甜味, 帶出了女性的溫柔
玫瑰天竺葵: 平衡皮脂的分泌,清潔油膩皮膚
玫瑰草: 適合泛油缺水皮膚、粉刺型肌膚,平衡皮脂分泌,重新形成肌膚表面的天然保水膜

2) Sweet Sweet Citrus 悠悠甜果香
> 佛手柑 Begamot
> 甜橙  Sweet Orange
> 葡萄柚 Grapefruit
> 水蜜桃香氛 Peach Fragrance
Sweet and sour fruit, are the keys to make us happy. This oil is safe for pregnant women and children,
Bergamot: treatment of sunburn, can treat psoriasis, acne, good for oily skin
Sweet orange/lemon: promotes blood circulation, it can strengthen the immune system. skin moisturizing PH balancer and helps collagen formation, hydrating, whitening, and lighten fine lines.
Do not expose to sunlight after use
甜甜酸酸的果味, 都是提升愉悅感的鑰匙這支油最適合孕婦以及小孩子, 因為她是一支陽光寶寶的大眾用油
佛手柑: 治療曬傷,可治療牛皮癬、粉刺,改善油膩與不潔皮膚
甜橙/檸檬: 促進血液循環,以降低血壓,它可以增強免疫系統。對皮膚有保濕效果,能平衡皮膚的酸鹼值,幫助膠原形成,保濕、補水美白,淡化細紋。

3) The Love of Sakura 櫻の戀情
> 櫻花香氛  Cherry Blossom
> 薰衣草 Lavender
> 桂花 Osmanthus
[Sakura] represents happiness throughout life. Cherry blossoms: gentle conditioning, moisturizing the skin, improving the roughness skin.
This cherry scent can be used to add skin care products, handmade soap, Perfume and body shampoo.
【櫻花】的花語代表著一生一世幸福。櫻花的功效有:溫和調理 保濕肌膚,改善粗糙的皮膚。
此櫻花香芬可以用來加入保養品, 手工皂, 香水以及沐浴洗髮清潔品裡。

4) Double Flowers Scent 薰衣羅甘雙花芬芳

> 佛手柑 Begamot
> 羅馬洋甘菊 Roman Chamomile
> 薰衣草  Lavender
> 乳香 Frankincense
The mother of essential oil + universal chamomile is the best skin care oils. Its sweet and rich taste of apple honey, gives people spiritual relaxation but also happiness is quite precious and definitely worth it.
Roman Chamomile: Helps to improve eczema, acne, herpes, dryness, super sensitive skin
Lavender: soothes and repairs allergic skin, relieves stress, and depression, can also promote the regeneration of damaged tissue.
羅馬洋甘菊: 幫助改善濕疹、面皰、皰疹、干癬、超敏感皮膚
薰衣草: 舒緩修護過敏性膚質,緩解因壓力、精神緊張和情緒低落,還可促進受損組織再生恢復等護膚功能。

5) Swiss Mint CHOC 瑞士薄荷巧克力
> 安息香 Palmarosa
> 薰衣草 Lavender
> 薄荷 Peppermint
> 廣霍香 Patchuoli
> 雪松 Cedarwood
> 絲柏 Cypress
> 玫瑰天竺葵 Rose Geranium
Mint and chocolate flavors have always been classic, always provide the cool, bitter and sweet feeling
Rose Geranium: Balances sebum secretion, cleans oily skin
Patchouli: suitable for general skin, helping weight loss programs, promoting skin regeneration, antibacterial, reduces inflammation,pore-minimizing, tightening skin, wound repair
Mint: Cool feeling, can shrink micro blood vessels, soothes itching, inflammation and burns skin
薄荷與巧克力風味一直是經典搭配, 總讓人有一種清清涼涼又有苦甜的感覺
玫瑰天竺葵: 平衡皮脂的分泌,清潔油膩皮膚
廣藿香: 適一般皮膚,幫助減重計劃,促進皮膚再生,有很好的殺菌作用,減輕發炎現象,收斂毛孔,緊膚,促進傷口結疤
薄荷: 可以調理不潔、阻塞的肌膚,其清涼的感覺,能收縮微血管、舒緩發癢、發炎和灼傷,也可柔軟肌膚

6) Lavender Rosewood LOVE 薰衣花梨木之戀
> 花梨木 Rosewood
> 薰衣草  Lavender
> 葡萄柚 Grapefruit
Lavender + Rosewood, generate sweet & spicy taste.
Feel of being loved, for microvascular circulation and venous circulation
Rosewood: effectively stimulates cells to regenerate tissue, very good for wounds repair
Lavender: soothes and repairs allergic skin, relieves stress, and depression, can also promote the regeneration of damaged tissue.
薰衣草遇上花梨木, 此味道甜中帶辛辣木味, 讓人感受一股被愛的感覺, 對於微血管循環和靜脈循環都有促進和調節作用
花梨木: 有效地刺激細胞,使組織再生,因此對傷口很有用
薰衣草: 舒緩修護過敏性膚質,緩解因壓力、精神緊張和情緒低落,還可促進受損組織再生恢復等護膚功能。

7) COFFEE & ME! 摩卡薄荷黑咖啡
> BB 摩卡咖啡香氛  BB Mocha Coffee Fragrance
> 薄荷 Peppermint
Mocha Mint Black Coffee : Enjoyment of life!
If you love coffee, you will not miss this healing match.
BB Mocha Coffee Fragrance: Bringing you unlimited refreshment
Mint: Cool feeling, can shrink micro blood vessels, soothes itching, inflammation and burns skin
摩卡薄荷黑咖啡 : 人生的享受!熱愛咖啡的你, 一定不會錯過這樣的療愈配搭 BB 摩卡咖啡香氛:帶給你無限的提神感
薄荷: 可以調理不潔、阻塞的肌膚,其清涼的感覺,能收縮微血管、舒緩發癢、發炎和灼傷,也可柔軟肌膚

8) Love Your Skin 愛膚寶
> 佛手柑 Begamot
> 薰衣草 Lavender
> 安息香 Benzoin
> 乳香 Frankincense
Lavender + Jasmine, and king of skin care and rejuvenation; form a warm woody aroma with smell of citrus, good for relaxation and soothing.
Jasmine: For dry and sensitive skin, diminishing stretch marks and scars. Increases skin elasticity and delays skin aging.
Frankincense: anti-aging, restore skin elasticity, pores minimizing. Improve dry, inflamed, sensitive skin
Lavender: soothes and repairs allergic skin, relieves stress, and depression, can also promote the regeneration of damaged tissue.
薰衣草配搭精油之后茉莉, 加了護膚回春之王散發著溫馨清純的木質香氣,又透出淡淡的果香,可令人感受從未有過的放鬆和舒緩。
茉莉: 調理乾燥及敏感肌膚,淡化妊娠紋與疤痕,增加皮膚彈性,延緩皮膚衰老效果顯著。
乳香: 抗老化,恢復肌膚彈性,收緊毛孔,改善鬆弛。改善乾燥、發炎、敏感皮膚
薰衣草: 舒緩修護過敏性膚質,緩解因壓力、精神緊張和情緒低落,還可促進受損組織再生恢復等護膚功能。

9) Swiss Mint CHOC 麋鹿白色聖誕
> 佛手柑 Begamot
> 玫瑰草  Palmarosa
> 廣霍香 Patchuoli
> 絲柏 Cypress
> 玫瑰天竺葵 Rose Geranium
This oil full with western white Christmas scent
The white snowy scent blended with a layered floral Leaf, Tree and Grass aroma that make the special
Rose Geranium: Balances sebum secretion, cleans oily skin
Patchouli: suitable for general skin, helping weight loss programs, promoting skin regeneration, antibacterial, reduces inflammation, pore-minimizing, tightening skin, wound repair
Cypress: the guardian angel of the female ovary, Skin moisturizing, good for aged and mature skin, natural Antiperspirant, improve cellulitis
玫瑰天竺葵: 平衡皮脂的分泌,清潔油膩皮膚
廣藿香: 適一般皮膚,幫助減重計劃,促進皮膚再生,有很好的殺菌作用,減輕發炎現象,收斂毛孔,緊膚,促進傷口結疤
絲柏: 女性卵巢的守護天使、保持體液平衡,控制水分流失,對成熟型肌膚頗有幫助,天然止汗劑, 改善蜂窩組織炎

10) Hot & Spicy Gingering 辣味十足
> 姜 Ginger
> 檸檬草 Lemongrass
> 安息香 Benzoin
> 佛手柑 Bergamot
> 玫瑰天竺葵 Rose Geranium
Used for skin disinfection, to solve blister problems, soft and firming muscle, restore elasticity; boost spirit and eliminate fatigue
Lemongrass: regulates the skin and is effective for large pores.
Ginger: Activating blood and meridians can also achieve the effect of removing athlete's foot odor.
Rose Geranium: Balances sebum secretion
Bergamot: treatment of sunburn, can treat psoriasis
Benzoin: very useful for cracking, skin rejuvenation
檸檬草: 調節皮膚,對毛孔粗大很有效果,具有清除粉刺和平衡粉刺和平衡油性膚質的功效卓著。治療香港腳和黴菌感染。
姜: 活血經絡,還能達到去除腳氣腳臭的效果。
玫瑰天竺葵: 平衡皮脂的分泌,清潔油膩皮膚
佛手柑: 治療曬傷,可治療牛皮癬、粉刺,改善油膩與不潔皮膚
安息香: 對龜裂、乾燥皮膚非常有用,能使皮膚恢復彈性

11) Freshing Emollient 古綠抗菌星
> 古巴香脂 Copaiba Balsam
> 綠花白千層 Niaouli
> 薰衣草 Lavender
> 甜橙 Sweet Orange
> 茉莉 Jasmine
> 杜松子 Juniper Berry
The smell of Copaiba balsam is relatively calm, the combination of juniper berry’s wooden smell with the fresh Niaouli smell, give us positive energy
Niaouli: used for skin ulcers, wounds, can promote wound healing; improve oily skin and acne
Copaiba Balsam: excellent anti-infective for skin, good in respiratory and urinary systems
Juniper berry: A good with oily skin pores, deep cleaning and purification, treatment of acne pimples
is quite effective.
綠花白千層: 用於皮膚的潰瘍、創傷,能促進傷口癒合;平衡油脂分泌,能改善青春痘及減緩頭皮屑的狀況。
古巴香脂: 活抗感染能力特佳,對於皮膚、黏膜組織(包括呼吸系統與泌尿系統)的感染與發炎。適合處理有傷口的痘痘肌膚與皮屑感染。
杜松子: 對付油性皮膚毛孔堵塞的好幫手,深層清潔淨化,治療面皰青春痘頗有功效,對抗橘皮組織也不錯。

12) Florist Garden 花圃暖暖香
> 桂花 Osmanthus
> 蓮花 Lotus
> 薰衣草 Lavender
> 甜茴香 Sweet Fennel
> 紅百里香 Red Thyme
> 依蘭依蘭 Ylang-Ylang
The spring flower buds are full of flowers and plants
A variety of scented flowers bring a pleasant, romance. The warm aroma is refreshing. It is an excellent emotional excitement Agent.
Osmanthus: Effect of fine skin, moisturizing and can accelerate skin blood circulation and improve skintone
Lavender: soothes and repairs allergic skin, relieves stress, and depression, can also promote the regeneration of damaged tissue.

春天的花圃開滿了各色各樣的花花草草, 散發著各種香氣的花朵帶給人愉悅的,浪漫的味道暖暖的香氣令人心曠神怡, 是極佳的情緒振奮劑。
桂花: 有細膚美顏的功效,桂花油具有保濕及滋潤的效果,可以使加速皮膚血液循環,改善臉色蒼白。
薰衣草: 舒緩修護過敏性膚質,緩解因壓力、精神緊張和情緒低落,還可促進受損組織再生恢復等護膚功能。

13) Sandalwood D’ Mind Rejuvenation 檀林靜思
> 檀香 Sandalwood
> 薰衣草 Lavender
The smell is rich and long-lasting, and its taste is pure and soft, sweet woody with a subtle floral aroma & blended with Lavender is good for meditation.
Sandalwood: Suitable for aging, dry and dehydrated skin. Reduces scars, fine lines, moisturizes skin, prevents wrinkles; calm nervousness and anxiety.
Lavender: soothes and repairs allergic skin, relieves stress, and depression, can also promote the regeneration of damaged tissue.

檀香: 檀香精油適合老化、乾燥及缺水皮膚,可淡化疤痕、細紋、滋潤肌膚、預防皺紋;具鎮靜特質,能安撫神經緊張和焦慮,使人放鬆。
薰衣草: 舒緩修護過敏性膚質,緩解因壓力、精神緊張和情緒低落,還可促進受損組織再生恢復等護膚功能。

14) Purple Lavender 擁抱薰衣戀
> 真正薰衣草 Lavender
> 醒目薰衣草 Lavandin
> 新疆高地薰衣草
> 山雞椒 May Chang
Lavender + May Chang, Smell of fantastics universal. Light and elegant relaxing blended of different Lavender are scented with sweet citrus fruit and floral notes. You can feel the relaxation and soothing that has never been tried before.
Lavender: soothes and repairs allergic skin, relieves stress, and depression, can also promote the regeneration of damaged tissue.
May Chang: The firming and astringent properties play a balancing role in oily and oily hair.
薰衣草配搭山雞椒, 淡淡的雅緻的清香混合薰衣草味搭著甜甜的柑橘果香又帶點花香,可令人感受從未有過的放鬆和舒緩。
薰衣草: 舒緩修護過敏性膚質,緩解因壓力、精神緊張和情緒低落,還可促進受損組織再生恢復等護膚功能。
山雞椒: 緊實和收斂的特性,可在油性皮膚和油性髮質上,發揮平衡的作用。

15) Hair Protect 髮絲柔順護髮
> 迷迭香 Rosemary
> 雪松  Cedarwood
> 薰衣草 Lavender
> 玫瑰天竺葵 Rose Geranium
Protect your hair from dryness and scalp damage, hair root degeneration, prevent hair loss, control scalp oil, dandruff; Proper care is inevitable
Rosemary: especially helpful for scalp disorders, can improve dandruff nd stimulate hair growth
Cedarwood: Stabilizes the scalp environment and regulates sebum secretion in the scalp
Lavender: promotes scalp cell regeneration and balances the scalp oil secretion
Rose Geranium: balances oil secretion and improves pore blockage, detoxification, soothing effect
保護您的秀髮, 不讓它乾燥開叉,頭皮受損,髮根退化, 防止脫髮, 控制頭皮出油, 頭皮屑; 適當的護法是不可避免的, 讓頭髮越來越柔順
迷迭香: 對頭皮失調特別有幫助,能改善頭皮屑並刺激毛發生長
雪松: 穩定頭皮環境,調節頭皮皮脂分泌
薰衣草: 能促進頭皮細胞再生,而且能平衡頭皮油脂分泌
玫瑰天竺葵: 平衡油脂分泌、改善毛孔堵塞現象,有排毒、舒緩的功效

> 秘魯香脂 Peru Balsam
> 羅馬洋甘菊 Roman Chamomile
> 葡萄柚 Grapefruit
> 乳香 Frankincense
> 薰衣草  Lavender
In summer, or under the hot sun, sun protection is important for all. Knowing that UV damages the skin and therefore we have to apply sunscreen lotion/cream to avoid skin damages
Peru balsam: has a natural sunscreen effect, has UV Absorption; can inhibit strontium for whitening
Lavender: The most significant sunscreen effect with UV isolation and moisturizing, repair, whitening.
秘魯香脂: 具有天然的防曬功效,對紫外線有吸收作用;能夠抑制酪胺酸脢,從而達到美白的效果。
熏衣草: 最顯著的防曬效果,在於隔離、保濕、修復、美白四個方面。

注意事項 Things to Know



All the products in our Store are handmade, and many products are not in stock and mostly based on Made-To-Order basis. The delivery lead time is within one week after receiving full payment. Since the containers & equipment for all products needs to be UV-sterilized and the production process is a little bit time-consuming, we would like to request for your patient.

If you experience redness, swelling, or other skin allergies when using our products, please stop using the product immediately, contact our staff, and consult a dermatologist. Avoid applying the product on open wounds or inflamed skin to make it more sensitive. Open wounds require special herbal creams or healing oils. Avoid direct sunlight and keep out of reach of babies and children.

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