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Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate 碳酸鈣

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Calcium Carbonate 碳酸鈣

CaCO₃ 在化妝品、護膚品裡主要作用是填充劑,有高吸油吸水的能力,具有一定遮瑕能力,在化妝品中作填充劑和吸附劑使用。

碳酸鈣在個人護理產品應用中表現出色,包括牙膏、面霜和乳液、化妝品和粉狀品。碳酸鈣是一種天然礦物,來源於最豐富的石帶中的高純度白色礦物。它是美容目的的理想選擇。碳酸鈣是一種天然存在的鈣: 蛋殼幾乎完全由碳酸鈣組成!


碳酸鈣的亮度和不透明度使其適用於白色和彩色化妝品。它們甚至可以被視為二氧化鈦的補充劑,並作為鈣的天然來源。建議使用碳酸鈣: 在牙膏中清潔;作為眼影、散粉和粉底中的遮光劑;以及作為口紅、粉底、眼影、粉餅和麵膜的填充劑。

酸鹼度:9, 微溶於水

碳酸鈣粉有分化妝品, 食品和製藥級, 大家可別買錯了!

Calcium Carbonate is excellent in personal care product applications including toothpastes, creams and lotions, cosmetics, and powders. Calcium Carbonate is a natural mineral sourced from high purity white minerals from the richest stone belts. It is ideal for cosmetic purposes. Calcium carbonate is a naturally occurring form of calcium—egg shells are made up almost entirely of calcium carbonate!

Enhances the creaminess of emulsions (creams and lotions). Enhances the amount and speed of foam generation in surfactant systems (shampoos, shower gels). Widely used as buffering and neutralizing agent. Useful as opacifying agent in cosmetic applications containing pigments.

The brightness and opacity of the calcium carbonates make them suitable for use in white and color cosmetics. They can even be considered as an extender of titanium dioxide and act as a natural source of calcium. The calcium carbonates are recommended: to cleanse in toothpaste; as opacifying agents in eyeshadow, face powder and foundation; and as fillers in lipstick, foundation, eyeshadow, face powder and facial masks.

Recommended usage: 5–30%
pH: 9, Slightly water soluble

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