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Essential Oil Emulsifier 精油分散劑/ 精油乳化剂

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Essential Oil Solubilizer /Emulsifier  精油分散劑/ 精油乳化剂

精油不溶於水,只能溶於油脂類或酒精溶劑,因此我們想要在家 DIY 調製芳香噴霧、或是拿來泡澡等時,通常是拿酒精類或乳製品來讓油和水混合。但是有很多人都會對酒精過敏,兒童更加不可以接觸酒精, 皮膚敏感的人也不適合使用人工化學的刺激性的成份,這時天然乳化劑就是更天然安全、也更方便的選擇。

精油乳化劑是一種令精油或香精溶於水中,因各種精油油度不同,乳化劑使用量不一,添加比例須 自行測試,如用量足夠加進水中會呈透明,如不夠則會呈現渾濁。

產地            :  美國 USA  

保存期限    :  1~2年內 (正確保期以該批商品標籤為主)

建議使用量: “油:乳化劑” 比例為 1:1 至1:4



Essential oils are insoluble in water and can only be dissolved in oils or alcohol solvents. Therefore, when we want to use DIY to prepare aroma spray or take a bath, we usually use alcohol or dairy products to mix oil and water. However, many people are allergic to alcohol, children are less likely to be exposed to alcohol, and people with sensitive skin are not suitable for artificial chemical irritant ingredients. Natural emulsifiers are a more natural and safer choice.

Essential oil emulsifier is a kind of agent that can dissolve oils in water. Because of the different thickness in oils, the amount of emulsifier used is different. The proportion of addition should be tested by yourself. If the dosage is sufficient, it will be transparent. If it is not enough, it will be not clear.

Country of Origin : USA

Product Shelf life: 1~2 years (the exact period is based on the product label)

Recommended use: “Oil: Emulsifier” ratio 1:1 to 1:4 

Suitable for: water-based skin care products, lotions, mist/sprays, serums, cleansing products. 

Basic usage: first mix essential oils and emulsifiers before adding them to respective products.

注意事項 Things to Know



All the products in our Store are handmade, and many products are not in stock and mostly based on Made-To-Order basis. The delivery lead time is within one week after receiving full payment. Since the containers & equipment for all products needs to be UV-sterilized and the production process is a little bit time-consuming, we would like to request for your patient.

If you experience redness, swelling, or other skin allergies when using our products, please stop using the product immediately, contact our staff, and consult a dermatologist. Avoid applying the product on open wounds or inflamed skin to make it more sensitive. Open wounds require special herbal creams or healing oils. Avoid direct sunlight and keep out of reach of babies and children.

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