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FLEA & TICKS Away 寵物防蚤除虱

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寵物防蚤除虱 FLEA & TICKS Away

喜歡寵物的您,有沒有面對寵物身上長滿了令人討厭的蝨子, 跳蚤的寄生蟲問題; 故預防跳蚤和壁蝨是必要措施。我們不願看到我們的貓貓狗狗那樣痛苦與跳蚤搏鬥,甚至自己也被這些叮上了而導致皮膚痕癢,嚴重者還抓到脫皮流血。 寵物的嗅覺敏感,因此不能讓牠們直接聞精油的氣味,貓咪們更加有不能代謝精油的風險,所以精油的選擇與用量一定要控制好。

雪松:消除跳蚤最好的油之一; 幫助驅除害蟲並促進健康的皮膚

薰衣草:有抒緩放鬆的特質, 緩解分離或長途旅行中的焦慮



保存方法: 避免陽光照射及放置高溫處


1. 1ml PURE 屬於未稀釋, 不可以直接用於塗抹皮膚上, 如果要用來沐浴, 請稀釋於基礎油或著牛奶/母乳於水中以避免損傷皮膚; 如果要加入 DIY 產品內, 使用量控制於 1-3% (如果產品裡沒有油脂只有水相, 請加入精油乳化劑)

2. 5% 復方調合油稀釋於 4ml 基礎油, 不可以直接用於塗抹皮膚上, 如果要用來沐浴, 請稀釋於基礎油或著牛奶/母乳於水中以避免損傷皮膚; 如果要加入 DIY 產品內, 使用量控制於 1-3%

3. 3% 復方調合油稀釋於 10ml 基礎油, 可以直接用於塗抹皮膚上, 也可以加入 DIY 產品內, 使用量控制於 1-3%

4. 3% 復方調合油稀釋於 30ml 基礎油, 可以直接用於塗抹皮膚上, 也可以加入 DIY 產品內, 使用量控制於 1-3%

注意事項: 調和油 - 孕妇,婴幼儿,蚕豆症患者(G6PD),或其他的疾病患者(高/低血压,子宫肌瘤等),建议使用前,先和我们的合格芳療師溝通,確保安全使用。 使用後,如有皮膚不適現象,請停止使用。


If you like pets, have you faced the problem of nasty lice and fleas parasites on your pets? Therefore, prevention of fleas and ticks is a necessary measure. We don't want to see our cats, dogs and cats fighting with fleas in such pain, and we even get bitten by these and cause itchy skin. In severe cases, we even catch peeling and bleeding. Pets have a sensitive sense of smell, so they should not be allowed to directly smell the odor of essential oils. Cats are even more at risk of not being able to metabolize essential oils, so the choice and dosage of essential oils must be controlled.

Cedarwood: One of the best oils to eliminate fleas; helps repel pests and promote healthy skin

Lavender: It has the property of soothing and relaxing, relieves anxiety during separation or long-distance travel

Palmarosa: Deodorant, Antibacterial

Catnip: Relieves arthritis and hip dyspepsia and eliminates pests

Storage Cautions: Keep your essential oils out of direct sunlight and out of extreme heat and cold

Precautions: Avoid for Pregnant women, infants and young children, G6PD, or other disease patients (high / low) Blood pressure, uterine fibroids, etc.), recommended to consult with our qualified aromatherapist to ensure safety use. If you experience skin discomfort, please stop using it.

注意事項 Things to Know



All the products in our Store are handmade, and many products are not in stock and mostly based on Made-To-Order basis. The delivery lead time is within one week after receiving full payment. Since the containers & equipment for all products needs to be UV-sterilized and the production process is a little bit time-consuming, we would like to request for your patient.

If you experience redness, swelling, or other skin allergies when using our products, please stop using the product immediately, contact our staff, and consult a dermatologist. Avoid applying the product on open wounds or inflamed skin to make it more sensitive. Open wounds require special herbal creams or healing oils. Avoid direct sunlight and keep out of reach of babies and children.

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