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Goji Berry Water

Goji Berry Water 枸杞水

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Goji Berry Water 枸杞水

枸杞子可以提高皮膚吸收氧分的能力,另外,也能起到美白作用。 枸杞子對乾癬有明顯療效,對其他些皮膚病也有不同程度的療效。枸杞含有豐富的維生素,在被身體吸收以後,可以幫助排出身體中的毒素,恢復細胞活力,從而使皮膚達到白嫩的效果。

Goji Berry (Wolfberry) can improve the skin's ability to absorb oxygen. In addition, it can also have a whitening effect. Goji has obvious effects on psoriasis and other skin diseases. It is rich in vitamins. After being absorbed by the body, it can help expel toxins in the body and restore cell vitality, thereby making the skin white and tender.

成分 Ingredients:

Pure Water, Sodium Hyaluronate , Lycium Barbarum Fruit Extract (Goji)

功效 Benefits:

  1. 眼睛 : 乾澀、紅腫、刺癢、敏感、疲勞眼睛。 紅眼症、 乾眼症、長眼針、配戴隱形眼鏡感不適者,均可直接噴 射進眼睛舒緩難受。
  2. 嘴巴 :口腔潰瘍、長白點、喉嚨痛、嘴唇乾裂破皮 起水泡。 噴於患處可減輕不適感。
  3. 臉部 : 保濕補水、消炎、消紅腫、止癢、敏感、 抗痘。 充當收縮水卸妝前爽膚水,更可以當面膜。
  4. 傷口 : 跌倒、割傷、抓傷、燙傷、熱油濺出等各種 傷口。 有效快速止血、減緩痛處、加速復原及修復傷疤。
  5. 除臭 : 減輕口臭、狐臭、香港腳。
  6. 改善尿道感染、經期使用衛生棉引起的搔癢。 充當洗手液,噴於玩具減少灰塵污濁。

  1. Eye: Dried, red, swollen, itchy, tired and sensitive eyes. Red eye and Dry eye syndrome. Chalazion and stye. Discomfort in contact lenses. Spray on eyes for calming purpose.
  2. Mouth: Sorethroat and mouth ulcers, dried and blister lips Spray into mouth, throat and lips.
  3. Face: Moisture and hydrate, red, itchy, swollen, sensitive and acne skin. As toner, pre make up remover, and also DIY facial mask.
  4. Wound: Minor cut, scratches, scald, etc. Stop bleeding immediately, reduce pain, fast recovery and lighten scars
  5. Reduce odour : Bad breath, armpit and athlete's leg
  6. Others: Hygiene purposes -- Reduce itchiness caused of menstrual period and also Urinary Tract Infection(UTI).

注意事項 Things to Know



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