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Hydrolyzed Pearl Extract 珍珠水解原液

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美白肌膚,去斑,去痘去印,堅持用珍珠水解液面膜,皮膚亮白,有光澤.解決了珍珠粉難以調和、無法均勻,分子大皮膚不易吸收的缺陷.珍珠水解液使珍珠中的有效成分被人體吸收率從原來珍珠粉的 30% 提高到 95% 以上。

含豐富的活性物質-20種貝殼蛋白胺基酸、碳酸鈣、32種微量元素、18種礦物元素等,能有效抗衰老, 阻斷自由基對肌膚的傷害, 促進肌膚新生, 並可抑制組織胺生成, 具有抗過敏的作用及預防肌膚老化, 能治療肌膚色斑、抑制脂褐斑形成、防止黑色素沉澱,使肌膚透出如珍珠般的光澤白皙

原產地    : 中國

添加比例: 5 - 10%

保質期    : 二年

Hydrolyzed Pearl Extract

Hydrolyzed Pearl Extract is provided to cosmetic factories for top-grade cosmetics. It makes skin smooth, fine, white and moist, particularly for anti-aging and rough skin. This product reduces furrow and restrains black spot. It functions by curing face tumefaction, whelk, wound etc.

65% higher than pearl powder absorption

Whitening the skin, removing spots, removing acne and printing, insisting on the pearl hydrolysate mask, the skin is bright and shiny. It solves the defect that the pearl powder is difficult to reconcile, can not be uniform, and the large molecular skin is not easily absorbed. The pearl hydrolyzate makes the pearl in the pearl The absorption rate of the active ingredient by the human body has increased from 30% of the original pearl powder to over 95%.

Rich in active substances - 20 kinds of shell protein amino acids, calcium carbonate, 32 kinds of trace elements, 18 kinds of mineral elements, etc., can effectively resist aging, block free radical damage to the skin, promote skin renewal, and inhibit histamine production It has anti-allergic effect and prevents skin aging. It can treat skin pigmentation, inhibit the formation of lipoid brown spots, prevent the precipitation of melanin, and make the skin shine like a pearl.

Country of Origin: China
Usage Ratio: 5 - 10%
Lifespan: 2 Years

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