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Impatiens balsamina ACID 指甲花酸 (油溶性)

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Impatiens balsamina ACID 指甲花酸 (油溶性)

指甲花酸 (【產地】比利時 ) 是从指甲花中提取的 ( 也叫鳳仙花 ),会根据酸碱不同变化颜色,富含有一種酸性花紅色素,與皮膚的親和力極強。可停留在皮膚表面起到長時紅潤嫩白的效果,同時還具有保溼及潤膚的功效。这就是变色唇膏变色的原理。

建議用量:不超過 0.1-0.2% (館主測試),廠家建議用量 1.0-3.0%

  1. 臉部 0.1~0.2%
  2. 胸部 1.0~3.0%
  3. 唇部 1.0~3.0%


一般 5ML 可以製作 10-20 支變色脣膏,脣膏做出後是本色、塗抹後會慢慢變成粉色(具體看添加的用量、加的多顯的顏色就深)

** 天然植物提取,每一批都會有色差,請大家自己調配做記錄哦!

Impatiens balsamina ACID, extracted from Henna, It varies in color depending on the acid and alkali. It is rich in an acid red pigment and has a strong affinity with the skin. It can stay on the surface of the skin for a long-lasting rosy and whitening effect, also having moisturizing and emollient effects. This is the principle of discoloration of the color changing lipstick.

Product of Origin: Belgium

Suggest not more than 0.1-0.2% (Tested by us), suggested by Manufacturer 1.0-3.0%

** Originally extracted from plant, therefore color might be different from batch to batch. Kindly do your own testing and records.

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