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Magnesium Myristate

Magnesium Myristate 肉豆蔻酸鎂 (十四酸鎂)

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肉豆蔻酸鎂 (十四酸鎂)


建議用量:散粉 5.0-10.%。 2.0-5.0% 用於膏狀化妝品或者壓合的粉餅。
pH值‍ : 7-10

Magnesium myristate  | C28H54MgO4 | Vegan
INCI: Magnesium Myristate
Country of origin‍: China

Magnesium Myristate is the salt of magnesium and myristic acid (a fatty acid found naturally in palm and coconut oil). The texture of Magnesium Myristate is surprisingly creamy, as it has a wonderful, rich gliding quality when rubbed between the fingers. Magnesium Myristate adds both velvety and adhesion to our color cosmetics - more so than magnesium stearate, making it ideal for eyeliner, makeup and also blush. It can also be used as a binder when pressing powders. Magnesium Myristate is also a beneficial alternative to talcum powder for application on baby skin.

Mix it with the other powders in powder cosmetics. In cream cosmetics, it can be stirred into the oil Phase.
Application concentration‍:     5-10% for loose powders. For creamy cosmetics and binding powders for pressing 2.0-5.0%.
pH-value‍          :     7-10
Melting point‍    :     130-150°C
Solubility         :     Oil, warm alcohol
Storage            ‍:     Stored in a cool, dark and dry place, Magnesium Myristate should be stable for at least two years.

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