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Montanov 68/Vegetal 天然聚葡糖苷乳化劑

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Montanov 68/Vegetal 天然聚葡糖苷乳化劑

INCI: Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Cetearyl Glucoside 鯨蠟硬脂醇(和) 鯨蠟硬脂基葡糖苷

MONTANOV 68 是 O/W 乳化劑,可用於天然/"綠色」的概念,經過Ecocert認證。可創建流動到濃稠的膏霜,質地厚實。天然來源、乳化能力強、穩定(醚鏈結構、液晶形成)。兼保濕性能、手感光滑。

產地:法國 SEPPIC **Ecocert認證

建議用量: 1%~5%

PH 值: 5-7.5 (穩定於 PH 3-12)

1. 將乳化劑隔水加熱溶解後(約55-60℃),再與基礎油脂拌勻後,倒入水相溶液拌勻即可。
2. 可應用於面霜、乳液 (O/W) 和防曬乳液等。有效於 40% 油相 (最高 50% - 60%)
3. 如果需添加其他功能性原料(如玻尿酸、萃取液..),等降溫至40度再加入。

INCI: Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Cetearyl Glucoside

Vegetal also known as Montanov™ 68 ,  is a pioneer emulsifier from 100% vegetable origin. It is a unique non-ionic emulsifier of natural origin. Vegetal is an O/W (Oil in water) emulsifier that can be used to give your formulation the "green" concept, with Ecocert validation.

Vegetal is a non-ionic, liquid crystal emulsifier based on the HLB system. Liquid crystal emulsifiers create a lamellar or bilayered structure that mimics the lipid bilayers in our stratum corneum, which may help actives or lipids from our lotions penetrate our skin easier. They also help reduce transepidermal water loss as the lotions hold more water in contact with the skin for a longer period of time. 

Country Of Origin: France SEPPIC **Approved by ECOCERT, COSMOS and NATURAL
Appearance: White to off white  flakes
Manufacturers suggested Usage: 1-5%

PH: 5-7.5
Stable between: pH 3 - 12

Emulsifies all types of oils (esters, vegetable oils, silicone oils, mineral oils, etc.)
Easily emulsifies up to 40% oil phase and up to 50-60% depending on the formulation.

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