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Mosquito Repellent Balm 防蚊膏, 20g

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天然防蚊溫和系列 Natural Mosquito Repellent Series

茲卡病毒感染癥(Zika virus infection)是由茲卡病毒(Zika virus)所引起的急性傳染病,這種病毒為黃病毒的一種,主要是經由蚊子叮咬傳播,茲卡病毒與登革熱,黃熱病,日本腦炎和西尼羅河病毒有親屬關系。它會引發類似溫和的形式的登革熱的癥狀,由休息與癥狀治療,目前還無法通過藥物或疫苗來預防。

傳播方式: 主要是人被帶有茲卡病毒的病媒蚊叮咬後於血液中存在茲卡病毒期間再被病媒蚊叮咬,病毒在病媒蚊體內增殖,而當它再叮咬其他健康人時,這個健康的人就會感染茲卡病毒。

淺伏期: 淺伏期通常為3至7天,最長可達12天。

發病癥狀: 典型癥狀為發燒、紅疹、關節痛、關節炎、結膜炎等,持續約 2-7天,有時也有頭痛、肌肉酸痛及後眼窩痛,與登革熱相較癥狀輕微,僅有少數的重癥病例報道。

預防方法: 茲卡病毒感染癥主要經由斑蚊叮咬傳染,目前無疫苗可預防,得病後僅能癥狀治療,避免病媒蚊叮咬是最重要的預防方法。

防蚊系列產品  Mosquito Repellent Product Range:

  1. 防蚊膏
  2. 無酒精防蚊噴霧
  3. 防蚊油
  4. 防蚊乳液
  5. 防蚊按摩蠟燭

Zika virus infection is an acute infectious disease caused by Zika virus. This virus is a kind of virus, which is mainly transmitted by mosquito bites. Zika virus is related to dengue fever and yellow fever. Japanese encephalitis and West Nile virus are related. It can cause symptoms similar to a mild form of dengue fever. It is treated by rest and symptoms, and currently cannot be prevented by drugs or vaccines.

Transmission mode: 
Mainly people are bitten by vector mosquitoes carrying Zika virus and then bitten by vector mosquitoes during the presence of Zika virus in the blood. The virus multiplies in the vector mosquitoes, and when it bites other healthy people, the healthy person will be infected with Zika virus.

Shallow period: 
The shallow period is usually 3 to 7 days, up to 12 days.

The typical symptoms are fever, rashes, joint pain, arthritis, conjunctivitis, etc., lasting about 2-7 days, sometimes headache, muscle aches, and posterior orbital pain. Compared with dengue fever, the symptoms are mild and only a few Severe cases are reported.

Prevention method: 
Zika virus infection is mainly transmitted through the bite of mosquitoes. There is no vaccine to prevent it. Only symptomatic treatment can be done after the disease. Avoiding vector mosquito bites is the most important preventive method.

Mosquito Repellent Product Range:

  1. Mosquito Repellent Balm
  2. Alcohol-Free Mosquito Repellent Spray
  3. Mosquito Repellent Roll-on Oil
  4. Mosquito Repellent Lotion
  5. Mosquito Repellent Massage Candle
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