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Online Theory Behind Handmade Soap

Online Handmade Soap Theory Behind the Scene 不打皂手工皂日常理論 Q&A

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不打皂手工皂日常理論  Q&A

如果你已經會製作手工皂了,但是卻因為一蘿蘿的小問題干擾了你。是否翻轉了整個古歌都難以找到答案對症下藥? 讓我們的資深皂達人老師為你一一解答,你心裡的一萬個為甚麼。。。

其實,我們都知道,一鍋皂成功與否,皂化反應要完整,就是需要油和鹼充分的混合,攪拌均勻,如果油和鹼沒有完全混合好還有浮油,甚至還有殘留的鹼液沒有混合好就入模,皂化反應可能會因而受到影響,另皂化不完整。種種問題 : 失溫、鬆糕、不皂化、軟爛、雪花、過度果凍、火山爆發等異像就會產生。

想深入探索各種問題的存在以及了解如何產生,如何補救,如何避免? 這個不打皂的手工皂日常理論 Q&A 就很適合你了!

國外生全部以 PAYPAL 匯款 RM 250.00 / USD 60 (請 PM 詢問 PAYPAL 匯款帳號)

時間: 2.5 小時 (純理論,無須任何工具 + 材料操作) 線上課程 (會使用 Online Meeting Apps 完成課程)

* 可以一對一 (最多 10 個人滿一班), 所有上課時間提前預約

* 一份不打皂手工皂日常理論 手冊/講義 (PDF)


  1. 常用油脂皂化值表
  2. 手工皂理論 : 水相
  3. 手工皂理論 : 關於油脂的酸敗
  4. 手工皂理論 : 常見保溫與皂化的Q&A
  5. 手工皂理論 : 晾皂期
  6. 手工皂理論 : 浸泡油知識
  7. 手工皂常見的包裝
  8. BONUS: 脂肪酸

Online Handmade Soap Theory Behind the Scene

If you already know how to do handmade soap, but it is hunting you for unknown issues. If you think it is so difficult and troublesome to search through the internet to get the answer? Let's our experienced soap masters guide you and share with you the "know how" one by one, and clear the thousands of why that has been long sitting in your mind. . .

In fact, we all know that the complete Saponification reaction of a pot of soap requires the oil and lye solution to be fully mixed and blended evenly. If it is not mixed well, and just transfer them into the mold, the Saponification process may be affected, and the outcome might be bad. 

All kinds of problems whether: Loss of temperature during Saponification, excess lye, unsaponifiable, too soft texture, snowflakes, gel effect, volcanic effect and other abnormalities will occur.

If you wish to explore in depth of various problems and understand how they arise, how to overcome them, and how to patch them? This purely handmade soap theory behind the scene Q&A session which is just right for you!

Duration: 2.5 hours (Use of Online Meeting Apps)

* Inclusive of a set of E-notes (PDF copy)
* We allowed one to one session (Max 10 Pax per class, unless is pre-recorded class), all class schedule has to be done earlier for appointment

Course agenda:

  1. What is Handmade Soap and Saponification Index
  2. Theory: Water base
  3. Theory: Rancidification
  4. Theory: Gel phase, Inspection phase
  5. Theory: Curing phase
  6. Theory: Infused oil
  7. Soap packing
  8. BONUS: Fatty acid
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