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Online Lips Care Course DIY Kit 線上護唇系列課程材料包

RM 219.00

上課材料包 (無工具): RM 250.00 (馬來西亞學生), 國外生無法寄送材料包, 請在上課日之前自行購買所有需要的材料與工具

Online Lips Care DIY Kit 線上護唇系列課程材料包 : 

此材料包只限於有報名 Online Lips Care DIY Workshop 線上護唇系列課程 的學生才可以購買; 不是護唇系列的學生購買材料包後也不能得到材料暴力的配方與製作

1. 單色護唇口紅一支 4g *有教調色

2. 單色霧面口紅一支 4g

3. 閃亮唇彩一支 3ml *用已調好的顏色 (三選一)

4. 唇膜磨砂膏一罐 20g

5. 甜蜜晚間唇膜一罐 20g

免費贈送一支天然植物變色護唇膏 ** 隨上課材料配套附上

* 西馬材料包免郵; 東馬材料包寄送需要補 RM20.00, 國外學生沒有包括材料包

** 學生自備燒杯 (250ml / 100ml / 50ml), 攪拌棒, 電子秤, 迷你小電動攪拌器, 小刮刀, 小長柄匙, 75% 消毒酒精, 抹布, 熱爐 

This DIY Kit is only for those who has attended the Online Lips Care DIY Workshop, if you are not our student and you wish to purchase this package, we will not provide the recipe and method of making

1) Lipstick x 1pc   ** Including to learn how to mix your own color
2) Matte Lipstick x 1pc
3) Lip Gloss x 1pc ** Classroom pre-mixed color (choose one out of 3)
4) ChocMint Lip Mask & Scrub, 20g x 1 

5) Overnight Honey Lip Mask, 20g x 1

FREE: Color Change Lip Balm x 1pc ( Only applicable for DIY hands-on kits add-on )

* For WM postage is inclusive; EM postage to top up RM20.00 and no Hands-on Kit for overseas students.

** Student to prepare own beakers (250ml / 100ml / 50ml), steering rod, digital weighting scale, mini mixer, small spatula, small spoon, 75% alcohol, cleaning clothes, hot plate 

分享師 Instructor : 宋潔瑩 Seong Kit Ying

* 國際臨床整體芳療師 Certified International Aromatherapist (CFA / IFA / NAHA / FHT)
* 初階芳療導師 Level One Aromatheraphy Courses Instructor
* 手工皂保養彩妝品導師 Handmade Soap/Skincare/Cosmetic DIY Instructor

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If you experience redness, swelling, or other skin allergies when using our products, please stop using the product immediately, contact our staff, and consult a dermatologist. Avoid applying the product on open wounds or inflamed skin to make it more sensitive. Open wounds require special herbal creams or healing oils. Avoid direct sunlight and keep out of reach of babies and children.

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