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Olive Oil PEG-7 Esters(Olivem 300) 水性橄欖油

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Olive Oil PEG-7 Esters(Olivem 300) 水性橄欖油

PEG-7 橄榄油酸酯是一种由100%天然来源,源自於橄欖油的水溶性功能油脂,HLB值11-12;具有助乳化、辅助增溶和保湿滋润的作用,基与环氧乙烷反应制得的水溶性油脂, 可做为油脂溶于透明产品中。

可應用於水性洗護産品,可减少起泡劑引起的皮膚刺激及緊綳感,不降泡沫及稠度,提供優異的富脂效果,及良好的保濕性;在O/W體系中亦爲良好之助乳化劑。Olivem 300是基於橄欖油的水溶性功能性脂質。 它對製劑提供柔軟性和溫和性,並且由於其對人皮膚的天然親和力,有助於保護皮膚免受其它表面活性劑引起的脫脂和刺激。

產地              : 義大利
建議添加量   :1-20%
外觀              :淺黃透明油狀液


0.5-2% 可作為賦脂劑
2-5%   增加其滋潤度
1-10%  可作為香精助溶劑
20%    洗卸用品

2-5% 增加保養品的滋潤度
0.5-1% 可加在透明膠體裡增加其保濕度

1-2% 保護肌膚脂質、降低肥皂吸水性並減少出水

Olivem 300 is a non ionic surface active ingredient derived from olive oil with emollient, solubilizing and co-emulsifying properties. It is specially designed to be used in shampoos, toiletries and creams.

Olivem 300 is a water-soluble functional lipid with sebum recovering activities. It provides emollient and mildness to formulations, and, given its natural affinity for human skin, helps protect the skin from dilapidation and irritation which may be caused by other surfactants. It serves as a solubilizing aid for essential oils and perfumes. It can also be used as a co-emulsifier for o/w systems. At 20°C, it is a slightly yellow liquid. Biodegradable by more than 90%

Country of Origin : Italy'

Recommended usage: 1- 20%

Suitable for: water-based skin care products, lotions, mist/sprays, serums, cleansing products. 

Applications : Shampoos and body cleansers, Bath oils (provides rinsability), Foam baths.

Recommended use levels for Olivem® 300 are as follows:
0.5 – 2% in toiletries as a refatting agent
2 – 5% as a moisturizer
1 – 10% as a fragrance solubilizer
20% in cleansing product
2 – 5%  in skin care as an emollient
3 – 5% in color cosmetics as a nourishing and adhesive aid
0.5 – 1% in transparent gels as a hydrating agent.
1 – 2% in bar soaps to protect the hydro lipid barrier and decrease water absorption

Shelf life: 36 months.

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