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Velvet Powder 霧面絲絨口紅粉

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添加白色的絲絨粉, 可以使滋潤的口紅變成霧面口紅, 顯色飽和遮瑕度高, 不反光 (光澤減少)。
添加量依個人喜好調整, 以達到自己要的霧面效果, 絲絨粉添加量越多, 霧面效果越明顯, 但是口紅就會顯得很乾, 有時易顯露唇紋。

注意: 加了絲絨粉, 最好減少或者不要添加維他命 E 油, 否則會影響霧面的效果!

使用比例: 一支口紅添加 0.2g - 0.3g 絲絨啞光粉,將口紅粉與啞光粉一起混合研磨,研磨好後再加入油脂蠟加熱。

Velvet powder
Add white velvet powder to turn the moisturizing lipstick into matte lipstick. With matte effect, the entire lipstick looks in high saturation, no reflection (less or not glossy).
The amount of addition can be adjusted according to personal preference, in order to achieve the desired matte effect. The more the velvet powder is added, the more obvious the matte effect, but the lipstick will appear to be very dry, and sometimes the lip line will be exposed easily.

Note: If velvet powder is added, it is best to reduce or not to add Vitamin E Oil, otherwise it will affect the effect of matte!

Usage ratio: Add 0.2g - 0.3g velvet matte powder to a lipstick, mix the lipstick powder with the matte powder, and then add the other lipstick ingredients such as wax, butter and oils, heat up and to melt it.

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