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Water Based Nail Polish Agent 水性可剥自制指甲油基料

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1.    纯水调配,不含甲苯、丙酮等溶剂。
2.    使用不伤指甲,无臭无味不伤身体,怀孕妇女亦可使用。
3.    水性指甲油不含甲醛、磷苯二甲酸脂、乙酸乙脂等有害化学物质。传统指甲油含大量如上化學物,有严重呛鼻味道,可经由皮肤及呼吸进入人体。经常使用将造成生殖、肝、肾功能受损。
4.    不用去甲水,可轻易去除,剥除后指甲光亮平滑,不会产生凹洞、粗糙、变色等现象。
5.    水性指甲油基料因为是水性,故遇水较易磨损,在遇洗头、洗衣服等严重摩擦后,仍能较长时间的附着于指甲上,但会有少许脱落现象。

Water Based Nail Polish Agent

Main Ingredients: Pure Water, Epoxy resins, Natural latex; complied to International FDA cosmetic grade standard

1.    Blended in pure water, free of solvents such as toluene and acetone
2.    Not harmful to nails, odorless and can be used by pregnant ladies
3.    Water-based nail polish does not contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, phthalate or ethyl acetate. Traditional nail polish contains a large amount of the above chemicals, has a strong nasal taste, and can enter into the body through the skin and breathing. Frequent use will cause damage to reproductive, liver and kidney function.
4.    It can be easily removed without using Nail Polish Removal which contains Alcohol. Just peel off after soaking into warm water, the nails are still bright and smooth, and there will be no pits, roughness or discoloration.
5.    Due to water-based nail polish, hence it is easy to be teared off when it is in contact with hot water or after severe rubbing such as washing the head and washing clothes, it can still adhere to the nail for a long time.

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